means mixing bowls, I think
big blender pig use for combining emotion and other abstract

Nothing I am trying to say is of actual importance however maybe in translation …

                                                                           something will pop up

                        such as, I could mention things were simpler
                        when i ddnt know i ws knee deep in my own sht

For example, if I buy this breathing thing it will perhaps help me breathe easier also 
in that, -

                                                 I do not think I am starting to truly understand love
but I think I am feeling what it means to finally care for something that is not me

        if i had a pig, oh if I did, did have a pig
                                                    (if i had one)

do pigs bumble or just snoot  ??

            blechblech I spit you out

  I’m drinking my tender instead of feeling
  it instead of acknowledging it is
  being felt 


                    you’re sick and I can’t make you better
                    I’m sick and sometimes we make each other feel ‘ok’
                   (intellectualism as absurdism!) the product or growth
                    resulting from such cultivation

To make tender, to see the ocean of it? Dry purpose across a
landscape. How sound names it, my fascinating slu,p. It crawls
down your throat. My very own mucus.

In an attempt to domesticate (I do not want to disturb you), I like your sweater.
I appreciate your soft pink attention to fiber. You explain to me your
sweet eyes in numbers or better said 

                                                                                   where does tender come from ?

        the immature, wingless and often wormlike feeding form that
        hatches from the egg of many insects

               can you be tender?
                should you be?

                                                    within which height and width?

all the tender things I write for you