prude I

Dependent (I can’t get hard on my own) the willingness to lay in bed alone you are disgusting in my head
there is no liquid (only quick dry pumps) I am spreading I can’t stand it I want out tell me I am sexi big
teeth round my throat fingers short & spicy

Fingers short & spicy I find my baby blushboy with legs on top and bottom why I love him snoot deep in
plastic smell like the new head why I love him why I love him

    triangle something i can trace with my baby tongue
                                  specific way the body croak

and if I bite water?ocean rope stretched the way the teal screech
      attempt red

I keep the fervor in my armpit

I make prude juice
hung up & drip into my prude pockets

I’m sick again. I wonder if this is a sign of mental inferiority, the doctor thinks I’m pig feet. I
avoid it by dashing toward the pig aisle. Having already explained it as such;
a can is placed inside a head, a can is taken out after too much pressure

another way of saying
it is likely not me when I enter you

or the other lie,
it hurts in every which way I prude for you

    prude IV

is all i do amuse you? is amuse you all i do?
is amuse all i do to you? i’m curious if they do you
or you do you nothing like i do

we are not fet we donot have
we are extraordinarily different eye sockets
i am not push!!
ican be so prude try me
fish garbage

oh i love you, pig! love you!

pig dirt entirely, get your nose out
a very deep amount of under there

                                ( blah blah )

You don’t feel love, do you pig? Do you?

  Wwhat do you live for??
perhaps pig asks itself a similar question
                             there’s no telling

    prude VII

Prudes are like pig facts, I’ve decided, or when writing turned from being my escape
from reality to the mouth that keeps my teeth on.  There are no good or bad pig thoughts,
only a contemptuous nucleus. I am attempting to hit center. You turn me on when I’m
standing. I imagine a version of closeness not yet felt by meaat touch.    

And yet.
I see her at the piano singing with the microphone close enough for mouthing &i would like
to be that microphone with my eyes closed. I like the thought of your mouth when you say it.  

two very different bed poses

one ugly pig to another I puke when it comes out of me, 
where I make you laugh without meaning to

soft drool
[refuse to splat on the big one]

If I melt one more time when I see you, beautiful
so willing to all over

mothers, pigs, grandmothers, intestines, larva, tender,
                                                               decaysexi, anger