*unusable footage*
in which “pig” is a largely uncooperative subject

tripod malfunction - minute 2:37
40 minute shot of interviewer’s lap

Q: Now that you’ve begun to recognize when the relative detach from reality begins does it terrify you?

        A: Yes.

Q: Do you appreciate these unanswerable, largely useless existential questions?

        A: No.

Q: You are aware that, as is obvious to the general public, you’re the one asking them?

        A: Yes.

Q. Are you receiving some sort of ‘idiot high’ from that fact?

Interpreting Aristotle’s idea of virtuous;
the cocoon is bad and the pig is good,
I have been the pig and the cocoon and
that’s where virtue comes from.
They draw a bath (my very own mucus),
I manage to spread thick vaseline over the outcome.  

if i had a pig, oh if I did, did have a pig
if i had one

Pig as an entire animal universe.
all squishy substances that i wonder, if held together at a certain density, would solidify
                                                                                                   ( into a single whole) 

do pigs bumble or just snoot  ??

in a similar way,
I want all movies to end so happy

I’m sorry but my thinking stems from the fact that we are all
so unhappy all the time anyway that perhaps it would be nice
for two pigs to share a genuine understanding of each others
wants and needs within a digestible if not predictive though
entirely relatable story arc

this is operating under the assumption of monogamy
that is operating under the assumption that I was talking about romance a
relationship to which monogamy could apply at all

the first definition of monogamy in the Merriam-Webster dictionary states ::

                            1. archaic : the practice of marrying only once during a lifetime

very old or old-fashioned.


                            1. in or according to styles or types no longer current or common; not modern.

                            1. a cocktail consisting chiefly of whiskey, bitters, water, and sugar.

                                                        already within the stomach there is no
swallow to wallow in. I don’t know that humans are at all capable which
is why I used pigs as ..

        LISTEN ,,
Pigs cannot be selfish. They simply do not have it in them.

        Sardines! however
        At the bottom is the place where they become vulnerable (a neon green spot). The
        residue is surreal - it tastes like the actual functioning of thought and salt.

                                      growth being perhaps +a or -b
                                      growth, an additur
                                      meaning damages won

I am still very interested in you finding me sexi

- - -


  stagnation as exhibited by virtues a, b&

        - dead plants

    oh no :(

I have lost my only hairstyle
It has gone and I with it also

pig dirt entirely, get your nose out
a very deep amount of under there

( blah blah )

You don’t feel love, do you pig? Do you?

    W=what do you live for??
perhaps pig asks itself a similar question
                            there’s no telling

Now if I could just explain what it is that I think I’m running from.

more thoughts crowd in
I believe so fully

I do not contain, therefore nothing drips
I do not do what scares me therefore coward
therefore florescence in a carving space

Do I miss what I think I do?
Do I miss what I wish it was?
                 all this spit up

useless! like an entire section of pigsound

or very comforting saxophone
I am not here to provide solace nor am I here in a pig-
like attempt to fly.

I have been having those dreams again
where I am shushed finally I am so full of shit

                (have I picked you off?)

have I misinterpreted that perhaps I was a frog?

I don’t know, maybe in a prior life I was a tadpole,
no pig though

I am simply not fair enough

For I truly believe pigs to be
entirely tender creatures, all
the hair on their snout sings