I don’t ponder death. The figures found asleep are my grandmother. I dreamt I made trinity, I dreamt the test is what ended it. Living on the brink of extinction, quite literally, I believe we’ve found the precipice. I’m curious as to the difference between fear of the objective and fear of when nature takes the objective over.  Terror, within it’s largest scale, no longer solely under the ownership of what humans may do to other humans but how the earth may do it first. Extricate, remove the virus, horror seeps down the pyramid I can be found in somewhere. To create and survive the creation! Impossible!


I am not old yet, I screech! Still! I have given up (do not distract me) I have maimed g_d (don’t tempt me)

So I am a gift to you? And if I should fill it? I do not want to mean, I reject the definition. I refuse not to exist dimensionally in the same pig spot. To tell /tīm/ if it were easy, if we were, I would have.